Who We Are

Our company traces its roots to 1956, when it was called the Dixie Bridge Company. The firm was created to meet the needs of the Interstate highway program, and specialized in bridge construction throughout Kentucky and the surrounding areas.

We're proud to be a first choice provider in the construction industry. We create jobs and, when you get right down to it, there is not a thing in the gross domestic product (GDP) that is not supported by our industry.

We build the factories that produce GDP, create the roads and ports that transport products, construct the laboratories that develop new innovations, and assemble the universities that instruct the movers and the shakers of America.

Our Company

Our corporate office is located in Lexington, Kentucky, where management and administrative staff perform their roles and responsibilities. In addition, we operate a transportation and maintenance facility in Winchester, Kentucky, which provides vital support to our construction operations.

Our Commitments

Throughout the years, the 3D organization has remained successful by anticipating construction market needs and procurement preferences. Our highly trained staff of engineers and construction experts utilizes modern and sophisticated technologies to ensure construction projects are completed with quality and on time to meet customer demands.

Our People

A service provider is only as good as its team. The 3D organization, right from the onset, has employed "First Choice" people and that has made all the difference in our pursuit of ultimate customer satisfaction.