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Construction Management Benefits

Construction Management enables you to choose administration and at the same time, retain bidding participation. As a result, we add value to your project.

Construction management maximizes time, money, and resource efficiency. The process allows each contractor in the project to perform their best construction work while the construction manager handles the administration and supervision of the project. 

The services provided by construction management primarily fall under one of four categories:  project administration, project construction supervision, project construction planning and performance of construction work.  This method of construction offers many benefits because the construction manager is motivated to protect the owner’s interests…particularly their costs.  Just look at the benefits:

Cost Savings
One of the many Construction Management Benefits is potentially significant cost savings. For instance, most public utilities and municipal entities enjoy a sales tax exemption. Unlike a general contractor — who pays tax on all materials and passes that cost onto the owner—the construction manager acts as the owner's purchasing agent, buying selected materials tax-free on behalf of him or her. A second area for potential savings is in the bid process itself. The construction manager breaks the project into individual bid packages. If the package"s low bid is below the overall budget, the owner reaps the savings.
Quality Control
The construction management team is the owner's eyes and ears - checking the quality of the construction methods and practices of each contractor to ensure quality control at every stage of construction. The architect/engineer"s responsibilities are more limited and involve checking the materials to ensure they meet the project specifications.
Expert Supervision
The project site supervisor — selected by the owner based on expertise in similar work -- is a constant presence at the project site, assuring that the contractors honor the project's sequences. As a knowledgeable expert, the supervisor is able to judge the competency of the contractor's construction workers along with their safety and workmanship methods. Additionally, the project site supervisor is charged with studying alternative methods that may reduce the project's costs. The supervisor will work hand-in-hand with the owner's people, helping them master proper operation of the new facility systems as they are commissioned during construction.
Finding And Correcting Potential Problems Before Completion
Through daily supervision of quality construction methods, the supervisor can quickly identify problems and solve them before project completion, which keeps the project in budget and on target.
Reduction In Change Orders
During the value engineering, quality control and supervision processes, problems can be discovered and workable solutions achieved, often before a change order is required.
Faster Resolution Of Disputes And Problems
Owners who have used the construction management process report that when there is a dispute or problem with a contractor, the construction management team is typically able to resolve the problem quickly. Mainly, this is because a construction expert working for the owner is on site, constantly monitoring the construction process and documenting all stages, which provides a factual picture of the events.
Improved Scheduling And Budgeting
Most users of construction management report one of the biggest benefits is the improved scheduling and budgeting for their projects. The construction manager is an expert in scheduling and budgeting, employing sophisticated software and computer systems to monitor every move and change during the construction process. Any change is quickly accounted for Print scheduling and budgeting process and adjustments made to keep the project on track. A construction manager who is an experienced general contractor can be an even greater asset in the process due to first hand experience.