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Structural Concrete

Maintaining control over the forming and placing of reinforced concrete allows us to carefully monitor the three most crucial construction variables: schedule, cost, and most of all, job quality.

Through the decades, 3D’s team of concrete specialists has distinguished itself through excellence in self-performed concrete work on all our projects.

We’ve excelled in projects that other contractors would consider way too complex. Our team has completed a single project that demanded more than 40,000 cubic yards of concrete construction. We’ve constructed in-ground water-holding basins with a single structure footprint larger than a football field-implemented shaft type construction as deep as 150 feet in the ground and managed concrete columns and beams placement in excess of four stories high.

Typically, the concrete we place is heavily reinforced and includes multiple embedments for structural attachments, or penetrations and block-outs for piping or flow channels.

Our forming and pouring placements cover a wide range: from small handset operations to large mass pours that use a vast array of forming means and methods. Project by project, we lay the foundation for success.