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The owner, engineer and contractor work under a single contract for the most economical design. As a result, problems are identified and solved early before incurring delays or cost overruns.

Design/Build offers a streamlined construction process with single-source responsibility and liability from project concept through completion.

As the result of our enduring relationships with leading engineers, 3D brings extra value to design/build. Through our vast experience and familiarity with a multitude of projects, our ability to quickly review designs and expedite construction, and our accurate cost estimating.

By adding our experienced engineers and construction professionals through the planning and design processes, your potential of saving time and money increases, sometimes significantly.

Your Benefits

  • Improved Coordination and Communication between the engineer and construction teams, resulting in improved project design, performance and quality.
  • Minimzed Costs as a result of the collaborative approach that encourages team members to prevent problems together.
  • Realistic Completion Dates because with this teamwork approach, construction can be fast-racked.
  • Greater Efficiency since our team works together throughout the entire project.