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Earthwork + Buried Pipe

3D has self-performed excavations and buried pipe operations of all kinds – from footprints that are larger than football fields to deep shaft excavations for concrete in ground structures.

The keys to successful excavations and installation of buried pipes are planning and coordination. From site preparation to identifying haul-roads and commencing the drilling and blasting of rock and/or groundwater dewatering, a detailed sequence must be developed and followed.

The more control the general contractor maintains from the start, the less chance of encountering delays or safety hazards. With decades of self-performing experience on the majority of projects we construct, 3D is primed to be a valuable asset for earthworks and underground services.

We self-perform both small and large diameter pipe installations (as large as 84 inches in diameter) in all types of subsurface conditions, including in-rock underwater and on the side of a 500 foot high rock cliff. In that situation, we used a helicopter to place pipes on cast-in-place concrete pipe supports carved into the rock cliff before installation.

Time and time again, we’ve built solutions from the ground up and tackled the toughest projects.