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2022 3D Enterprises

Leadership Initiatives

At 3D, we are totally dedicated to “doing it with excellence” and we will continue to embrace this commitment through our next generation of leaders.

3D has successfully weathered over five decades of continuous business operation, an achievement that few construction companies can boast. We"ve accomplished it by remaining true to our values: passion, integrity, respect, responsibility and pride.

We believe that one of our major responsibilities — to our employees, our customers, and our shareholders — is to ensure that there will eventually be a seamless transition of leadership to people who are as committed as we are to our guiding principles.

That is why we go out of our way to provide our people with the opportunities, responsibilities and training they need to grow into leadership roles. By actively supporting them to learn new skills and by encouraging them to have an active voice in company decisions, we help them take their place as change agents in a dynamic, evolving environment.

Our Internship Recruitment Program

3D is very selective about the interns we train. The prevailing wisdom is typically, "get as many internships as you can, at as many places as you can." That contrasts sharply with our approach, which is to groom our interns to potentially take their place as a valued member of our 3D team.

Our goal is to carefully seek the most resourceful and motivated individuals to expand our capabilities. As a result, we interview thoroughly and at length, carefully ensuring there's a good fit between the interns we select and our organization. If we determine there is, we provide intensive mentoring and peer-to-peer training to impart the knowledge, expertise and ethics that lead to excellence.

Our interns receive daily access to senior management as well as top-notch peers who have "been there before" in both formal and informal settings. They can draw from a powerful knowledge base of decades of experience in a hands-on "continuing education" environment. Through their initial weeks and months with us, they become increasingly adept at real world work responsibilities in addition to safety policies and procedures that impact their day-to-day activities.

Our Management Leadership Program

As our workers climb the ladder and take on more and more responsibilities, we encourage them to share their energy and vision with innovative ways to move our leading edge organization forward.

Our project managers are mentored by shareholders to take ownership of their projects: not only leading and overseeing but also controlling project budgets to assure cost-effective performance. Through our development program, the best and the brightest carefully sharpen their skills and knowledge, accepting more and more executive responsibilities so they will be confident in taking the reins when the time comes.

At 3D, our motto has always been "do it with excellence." We are certain that the next generation will be equally committed to this important commitment.