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Make no mistake about the construction industry; collectively, we are the problem-solvers, the doers, and the innovators.

We"re proud to be a first choice provider in the construction industry. We create jobs and, when you get right down to it, there is not a thing in the gross domestic product that is not supported by our industry.

We build the factories that produce the GDP, create the roads and ports that transport the products, construct the laboratories that develop new innovations, and assemble the universities that instruct the movers and the shakers. We are part of what makes America great. Come along with us as we introduce you to our services.


3D self-performs many critical portions of construction projects — bringing qualified workers, specialized experience and decades of quality building expertise for overall value.

Treatment Facilities

3D has self-performed the majority of work in construction and rehabilitation of water and wastewater treatment facilities. Today, our solid experience is more important than ever as a result of a rapidly aging infrastructure and more stringent regulatory requirements.


From power facilities to bridges... from pump stations to flood control... 3D has built a strong reputation for delivering quality work that spans from project planning to construction phases.


If you can dream it, we"ll build it. 3D brings a passion for excellence and innovative ideas to each administration building, maintenance building, and environmental laboratory project.


3D licensed professional engineers are problem-solvers — achieving improved functionality while keeping costs low and quality high.