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Pump Stations

From power facilities to bridges... from pump stations to flood control... 3D has built a strong reputation for delivering quality work that spans from project planning to construction phases.

Maintaining the integrity of water, wastewater and sewer systems is absolutely essential to community health. As a result, the construction of pump stations is too critical to trust to anyone but a leader.

3D is that leader. We've constructed a number of pump stations, mostly adjacent to or constructed within navigable waterways. Many serve as raw water intakes, withdrawing water from a lake or river and pumping it to a water treatment facility to treat and convert to a potable water source.

Whether constructing a high service pump station — used to pump water from the water plant into the distribution system or a booster pump station for increasing the amount of pressure in a distribution system — or high flow influent pump stations for waste water treatment, 3D excels in construction.

We've constructed pump stations that have an operating pressure as high as 400 psi and are as deep as 150 feet below ground and at capacities over 100 million gallons per day (MGD). And we've handled flood control pump stations that dewater flood prone areas during disastrous flood events. You can count on us to manage the projects efficiently every step of the way, saving time and money and reducing community disruption.

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