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Safety Commitment

There is nothing “standard” about our safety standard. At 3D, we have never been satisfied with average results and that extends to our safety commitment. We will not compromise the health and safety of our people or our customers.

We are passionate about promoting injury-free work sites, avoiding complacency, and rewarding employees who go above and beyond to comply with our safety standards. Our culture of safety has resulted in one of the lowest total recordable incident rates and overall lost-time frequency rates in the industry.

Our Safety Program is implemented through a top-down format. Our CEO chairs a Management Safety Committee, charging top managers with responsibility for specific safety areas. The Committee has developed the following safety tools and resources:

Safety Handbook

Each of 3D's employees — from our CEO to our valued construction workers — has a defined role to play in keeping our work sites safe. Each must follow a detailed manual of safety policies, procedures, guidelines and practices.

Safety Training Program

3D"s innovative safety programs sets standards for the construction industry. All 3D executives, project managers and site supervisors must complete rigorous programs that refine observation skills and teach employees to be vigilant towards hazards and unsafe behavior.

Safety Meetings and Site Checklist

A service provider is only as good as its team. The 3D organization, right from the onset, has employed "First Choice" people and that has made all the difference in our pursuit of ultimate customer satisfaction.

Safety Toolbox Meetings

Our corporate office is located in Lexington, Kentucky, where management and administrative staff perform their roles and responsibilities. In addition, we operate a transportation and maintenance facility in Winchester, Kentucky, which provides vital support to our construction operations.

Safety Reporting and Investigative Programs

Senior management pinpoints trouble spots, studies injury reports, tracks incidents and raises flags throughout our organization to maintain high awareness of any safety gaps.

Safety Newsletter

Awareness techniques, such as quarterly Safety Newsletters (distributed to all 3D employees" homes) heighten family involvement in our Safety Program.