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3D self-performs many critical portions of construction projects — bringing qualified workers, specialized experience and decades of quality building expertise for overall value.

Only a few general contractors have the capability to self-perform. 3D proudly takes our place among them, allowing us to demand a level of high quality and safety that you might not be able to expect with a non-self-performing contractor. Our ability to self-perform a number of complex functions by our own highly skilled and trained workers gives assurances that we will get the job done right, from the start.

With greater control, we can quickly identify and find solutions for the inevitable challenges that arise in construction work. Without the added step of waiting for subcontractors, we can start work earlier at your site, rapidly implementing site work to ensure timely completion. Our hands-on understanding of real-world building challenges is a big step to ensuring a project remains on schedule and is completed to your total satisfaction.

Earthwork + Buried Pipe

3D has self-performed excavations and buried pipe operations of all kinds — from footprints that are larger than football fields to deep shaft excavations for concrete in ground structures.

Structural Concrete

Maintaining control over the forming and placing of reinforced concrete allows us to carefully monitor the three most crucial construction variables: schedule, cost, and most of all, job quality.

Process Equipment + Piping

3D self-performs installation of equipment and piping rather than relegating to subcontractors. As a result, owners know they can rely on one source to ensure that crucial project components are carefully coordinated and remain on track.