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3D's People Speak Out

Our people express it best. See what our shareholders, seasoned staff and new hires have to say.

Our Shareholders

Donny Breeding

"The safeguarding and betterment of the construction industry has always been a way of life for us at 3D. "Pretty good" is simply not good enough for us. Nothing short of excellence will suffice — from our "First Choice" people to the dedication, quality and integrity we bring to each project. What makes me happiest is having a customer contact us to say, “You"ve exceeded our highest expectations."

Mike Klein

"It is no secret that our people are 3D"s greatest asset. We constantly seek to attract and retain some of the best and brightest people in the industry who share a common passion for building. And that means leading by example to demonstrate that hard work breeds success. At the end of the day, all of us are about people helping people in the achievement of excellence."

Don Myers

"From the initial pricing through ribbon cutting day, our shareholders, backed by an outstanding 3D project team, work tirelessly to ensure the newly constructed facility is "complete when you want it as you like it." Every one of us is a team player, committed to doing the job right. This unyielding commitment to deliver a quality project on time sets 3D"s construction services apart from its competitors."

Our Seasoned Staff

“Everyone at 3D is a team player, dedicated to doing the job right. It’s personally satisfying and enjoyable to be part of that kind of team.”
"Through my 14 years of employment, it is consistency — consistency with all aspects of the organization, including financial stability, structure, operating practices and project support."
"Being able to produce professional quality work safely, at a cost-effective price, to achieve a satisfied customer is the most meaningful thing to me."
"I feel at home with 3D. There's no cliques or politics. Here, dedication, integrity and loyalty are the shared values of the team."
"Working at 3D allows me the opportunity to take on challenging, complex engineering and construction projects with some of the best project management and field staff in the industry."
"One of the most impressive things about the 3D organization is the "walk the talk" attitude of the Owner/Shareholders. Leading by example and hard work breeds success!"
"3D's success is proof that small companies can do big things. Working at 3D means you are more than just an employee; you have a role in each success."
"It is refreshing to work for a company that is sympathetic to the needs of not only their clients, but their employees as well."