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Heavy Utility

From power facilities to bridges... from pump stations to flood control... 3D has built a strong reputation for delivering quality work that spans from project planning to construction phases.


The demand for cost-efficient energy continues to surge. 3D is a provider of construction services to the electric power industry with a solid understanding of the complexities inherent in any power facility project.


Our company traces its roots back to 1956, when we were called the Dixie Bridge Company... specializing in bridge construction throughout Kentucky and the surrounding areas.

Pump Stations

Maintaining the integrity of water, wastewater and sewer systems is absolutely essential to community health. As a result, the construction of pump stations is too critical to trust to anyone but a leader.

Flood Control

When devastating floods occur, 3D is on the job, serving the Corps of Engineers (COE) by providing flood control wall construction along with pumping systems.